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Visitor Information

Visitor Information

MCHD encourages visitations for the well being of our patients.


Though we have no formal visitation hours, visitors do need to follow instructions, policies, rules, and regulations in place and must consider the needs of all individuals in the hospital to be in a healing environment.  Please be considerate of everyone within our walls, and recognize that, though your loved one may be able to receive visitors, your loved one's neighbor may need their rest.


Patients are encouraged to invite individuals to visit or to have someone present during their stay, but please know that should a patient decide not to have visitation, their preference will always be honored.


Visitors are also encouraged to bring gifts to their loved ones in the hospital, but we ask that visitors not bring personal items of value.  For more information on what not to bring during visitations, please visit out hospital admissions page HERE.  Please also do not bring your loved one medications or outside food without clearing it with the doctor or nurse.


Some patients may need to have visiting restrictions due to their clinical diagnosis, but once the patient is cleared for visitation by the attending physician, MCHD will do its best to accommodate the patient's visitation preference.


Please be aware that MCHD is a smoke free campus and that tobacco products of any kind and electronic cigarette devices are not allowed to be used on District owned premises.  Alcoholic beverage may also not be consumed on campus.


For more information on visitations, please call (806) 935-7171.