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Attention Medicare Patients.


Ask your provider if you qualify for our new chronic care management program with Chart Span.


You can access a 24/7 care team of medical professionals, get help scheduling your appointments, manage and refill your prescriptions, and organize your health records in one place.


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Telemedicine at MCHD



In order to better serve Moore County patients, MCHD is using telemedicine to help diagnose and treat strokes and cardiac conditions.  For our patients who come to the emergency room and need assistance with these conditions, we will contact a specialist via a video set up, where the patient will interact with the physician through a two-way video screen while a nurse or other clinician will assist.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is telemedicine?

A. Telemedicine is a way for you and your doctor to talk through two-way video. It is almost like having the doctor at your bedside. After a few minutes, most patients forget the doctor isn’t actually in your room.


Q. How does telemedicine help?

A. With telemedicine, your doctor can be at your bedside faster, even in the middle of the night or if they are miles away. It helps you get instant access to specialists here who might not be in our community otherwise. It also means you don’t have to wait as long to see these doctors, and you may not need to travel to see a specialist.


Q. Is telemedicine safe?

A. Yes. It is like the care you normally get face to face, only the doctor will rely on the nurse in the room to help with parts of the physical examination. Rest assured, the telemedicine physician will have all the information necessary to deliver the highest possible level of care.


Q. How does telemedicine work?

A. A nurse will bring in the telemedicine cart, which has a big screen where you will see the doctor. The doctor can hear you and see you, and you will talk together just as if the doctor was there in-person. The nurse will be in your room the whole time, and may help the doctor examine you, like when listening to your heart and lungs.


Q. Is the doctor who I will see on the screen?

A. Yes! Actually this is one of the greatest benefits of telemedicine. Your highly qualified physician will spend more time with you than they normally could in person, and can even leverage technology to show you diagrams/images to help you understand what's going on!


Q. Is this private?

A. Yes. The only people who can see each other are you and your doctor. No one else is watching, and no personal health information is ever stored on the cart.


Q. Is this being recorded?

A. No. Meeting your doctor happens in real time and no video is stored.


Q. Can I ask the doctor on the screen questions?

A. Yes! Of course.  Please interact with the doctor as you would if they were physically in the room.


Q. Can my family be in the room with me?

A. Yes, absolutely, if you want them to be. Just like when you meet with a doctor in your room, your family can meet your doctor using telemedicine. If your family is not able to be in your room with you, we can even beam them in too, just like the doctor.