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Dr. Richard Chudacoff at Moore County Obstetrics & Gynecology has made it his mission to address the narcotics crisis in America by changing the way he performs certain surgeries.  Along with Dr. Lauren Schaub, he has developed a new protocol which allows his patients in need of a C-section delivery to deliver their baby without the need of narcotic pain killers after the surgery.


The protocol uses non-opioid injections, which slowly release pain relief that lasts several days after the birth of the baby.  This protocol helps to reduce the need to send the patient home with narcotic pain killers during recovery; eliminating the likelihood of the patient becoming addicted to them, or the possibility that any leftover pills may end up in the wrong hands.


“75% of patients who are discharged with an opioid prescription do not take all their pills; almost 80% of these pills are not locked up; (and) around 85% of those addicted to opioids or heroin started from these pills.” – Dr. Chudacoff


Dr. Chudacoff developed the protocol earlier this year (2017) after observing other surgeons in different specialties using the same type of injection for knee-replacements and mastectomies.  He has since performed multiple successful opioid-free C-sections in the Moore County community and has discovered that, not only is pain managed better after the patient leaves, but that they have better outcomes after the surgery itself.  Patients were becoming mobile quicker; were not suffering from the same drawbacks that patients who are administered narcotics have, such as constipation and lethargy; and were able to leave the hospital sooner.


The protocol has since received the attention of other area OB/GYNs, including those in larger cities, who are now looking to add the method to their practices as well.


Dr. Chudacoff is currently performing a study to determine how patients are using their pain killers after surgery and has been recently featured in multiple articles about his protocol.







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