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A Matter of Balance

Class to reduce fear of falling for seniors


     Instructors (pictured left to right, back to front): Yessenia Longoria, Robbie Ray, Sarah Roberts, Deloris Ellibee, Bethany Scroggins, Caleb McCutchan, Jennifier Allison, and Trina Scroggins


     Professionals at Moore County Hospital District in Patient Education, Patient Rehabilitation, and Home Health & Hospice have come together to offer a new class to area seniors who have concerns about falls.

The class is the award winning “A Matter of Balance”, which was designed to help alleviate fears of falling that seniors may experience, be it due to a recent fall, or the normal fears that one may experience during the natural progression of aging.

     The class consists of multiple two-hour sessions taught by volunteer instructors who focus on promoting exercise to increase strength and balance and help to coach participants to catch factors responsible for falls and to view them as controllable and preventable.

     The class is meant to assist seniors in having an active, healthy lifestyle and class participants at the 6 month point have stated that they are more comfortable increasing activity and exercise.

The class will be offered at intermediate dates throughout the year.


      The next set of classes begins June 7th and will run for 8 weeks.  There are only a few spots available, so please register early.


       For more information, to inquire about the next class, or to register, you can call (806) 935-7171 and ask for extension 1920.