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Cactus Preferred Network


The following providers are Cactus Preferred Network - Hospital-Based Providers for the JBS Health Plan.

Hospital Services, unless as a result of an emergency and admitted from the emergency room, need to be referred by your PRIMARY CARE PROVIDER.  If you have questions as to whether something applies, please contact the Health Care Coordinator listed at the bottom of this page.



Adam Fieber, CRNA

Jason Preece, CRNA

Stella Tan, MD

Hospitalists / Emergency Room

Brittany Taute, MD

Charles Hughes, MD

James DeSantis, MD

Jennifer Yaws, NP

Jiten Bhula, MD

Julia Sorelle, NP

June Bounsing, NP

Lezlie Harris, NP

Loree Adams, NP

Michael Turner, NP

Okechuskwa Mgbenema, MD

Patricia Allen, NP

Stephanie Diehlmann, MD

Syed Hasan, MD

Andrew Carl Hoot, MD

Daniel Lewis Schneider, MD

James Matthew Hurly, MD

Jason R. Schocker, MD

Joseph Paul Heitzman, MD

Michael Dean Sennett, MD

Robert Mainord Todd, MD

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Elizabeth Lopez


Health Care Coordinator

(806) 930-0157