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Health Resources

For your convenience, we have provided a list of local and national health resources for you to reference.


We also understand the desire family members and patients have to conduct online health research, so we have also provided links to reputable health sources where you may read and examine health topics of interest to you.  Though your doctor is the best source of accurate information, and we always recommend seeking the opinion of a physician for a medical related topic or diagnosis, these comparative health information links will give you a starting point for your research.



COVID Assistance



Local and National Health Resources


Seniors Programs and Meal Assistance

Dumas Area Meals on Wheels (806) 935-7555

Moore County Senior Center (806) 934-2788


Counseling Services

Dumas Counseling Center (806) 683-4040   |   (806) 930-0548


Parenting & Pregnancy

CareNet Pregnancy Center (806) 935-3549

Uniting Parents (806) 935-8687


Child and Youth Services

Dumas Discovery Center (806) 935-6219

YMCA After School Program (806) 935-4136

Boy Scouts of America (806) 358-6500

Girl Scouts of the TX/OK Plains (806) 356-0096

Moore County Girl's Trust (806) 935-5591

Panhandle Children's Foundation (806) 935-6354


Court Appointed Special Advocates

Casa 69, Inc. (806) 244-2684


Life Skills Education

Dumas Satellite Workshop (806) 935-5322

Texas A&M Agrilife Extension (806) 935-2594


Aid Programs

Safe Place (806) 935-2828

The Bridge; Children's Advocacy Center (806) 372-2873

The Refuge of Dumas (806) 934-4673

Salvation Army (Food/Rent/Utilites) (806) 683-3720

Legal Aid (800) 234-1274

WIC (800) 942-3678

Food Stamp Benefits & Hotline (800) 248-1078

Red Cross (806) 935-2085

Lonestar Hotline (800) 777-7328

Crisis Intervention (to report elder and child abuse) (800) 252-5400

Life-Line (806) 353-4022


Human Services

Texas Panhandle MHMR (806) 351-3284

Attorney General (800) 252-8014

Department of Human Services (806) 934-2745

Epilepsy Foundation of West Texas (806) 352-5426

Medicare & Medicaid (800)MEDICARE

Social Security Office (800) 772-1213

Job Assistance Information/ Texas Rehabilitative Commision (800) 628-5115

Department of Regulatory and Protective Services (800) 233-3405

Veterans Assistance (806) 355-9703


Transit Assistance

Panhandle Transit/ Panhandle Community Services (806) 935-5551



Online Health Research Sites


National Institute of Health (NIH)

U.S. News "Health"

Health and Human Services - Healthfinder

American Cancer Society

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynocologists

North American Menopause Society

Merck Manuals Online

US Library of Medicine - MedlinePlus

American Heart Association



Everyday Health

MayoClinic Online

Medical News Today

Health Line

New Mouth (Dentistry information)