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Fast Health Data Breach


We were recently informed of a data breach from a company called Fast Health. Here is what you need to know:


- Fast Health hosted the MCHD website from 2008 until 2013.

- Along with hosting services, Fast Health also provided a bill pay portal form and a job application form.

- MCHD terminated its contract with Fast Health in 2013. They are not our current host, nor do they take applications or bill payments.

- Someone was able to hack into Fast Health's system and access their data.

- The data that was breached is older than 2013. Both their bill pay and job application forms were hit.

- Fast Health is sending letters to those they believe may have been affected.

- MCHD does not have any additional information about the breach, but there is a phone number on the letters that have been sent out if the receiver would like more information.


Notice to Patients and Job Applicants Regarding Vendor Security Incident