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Hospital Expansion & Renovation Project


The hospital construction is moving along quite well.  From our prior edition to this one, we have seen floors, walls, wrap, brick, and siding installed.  The skyline has risen upwards with the completion of the second floor of the new patient care wing, and when you drive by on highway 287 you can see the bright blue wrapped exterior peeking out between NAPA Auto Parts and Dickies BBQ.  For a few months now, a lot of the construction has migrated from our public view to the interior of the building, hiding from us until completion.


The hospital expansion and renovation project has been a massive and years-long undertaking.  When systems in the old building first began failing, the Administration and Board of Directors began looking at what could be done to fix the problems and make certain that health care would be strong in Moore County for years to come.  Eventually the plan to expand and renovate the building came together and the District secured a low, fixed-rate loan from the USDA to fund the project.  Benefitting from a strong financial position with healthy service lines and physician clinics, the addition of community-based wellness initiatives, and a cooperative effort with area physicians and organizations, The District made certain that no taxes would be used for the project.  The resulting patient care building will be a gift to the community for years to come.


After a long wait, we will see the patient care addition completed around October.  Following a massive effort of moving equipment and staff into the building, patient care will begin in the addition around November or December of this year.  Afterwards, the renovation of the old building will begin.  The entire project is estimated to be completed in full around the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021.


The project will add an additional 55,000 square feet to the hospital with roomy, ADA-compliant inpatient rooms isolated and secured on the second floor of the addition.  There will be a single covered entrance for inpatient and emergency room services, and a separate covered entrance for outpatient services with a waiting room for family and friends nearby.  Outpatient services such as x-ray and the lab will be located close to the entrances for patient convenience.  The Emergency room will consist of both a trauma area and an “urgent care” area connected to its sister services to allow staff to provide quick and efficient care.  Even small details such as public restrooms, currently missing in the older building, have been addressed.  Simply navigating the building will make much more sense for those seeking services.


The old building, which is not ADA compliant and has both layout and core issues, will be renovated to include mostly non-patient care areas.  The majority of services that are currently off-site due to previous lack of space will be able to be moved back to the old building for patients to have a one-stop-shop.  Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapies, the business office, and accounting services will be brought back to the main campus.  There are even plans to use a portion of the old space for the Rural Health Care Coalition, which will allow Dumas-area nursing students to have a home base for the clinical portion of their education while earning an RN or LVN degree.


All in all, Moore County Hospital District’s vision for more efficient, enhanced, stable patient care will begin coming to fruition in our community very soon.  For those who are interested in seeing the result, MCHD will begin community tours of the new patient care addition when construction has been completed.  They will kick off the first tour at their Chamber After Hours on September 17th beginning at 5:30pm.


Moore County Health Foundation Capital Campaign


The Moore County Health Foundation is seeking to raise funds for a capital campaign to provide furnishing for the hospital patient care wing addition and renovation.  For the next five years, their Harvest celebration will be to honor donors who have supported this purpose.  For more information, visit their website at www.MooreCountyHealthFoundation.net or contact Kathie Fuston at (806) 934-7804.