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Chart Span Program for Medicare Patients



MCHD has recently partnered with a company called ChartSpan to help deliver Chronic Care Management services for our Medicare patients with two or more chronic conditions.


We have already worked with ChartSpan to identify the patients we think are good candidates for the program and are planning to kick off the program in the next couple of days. Per the program guidelines, ChartSpan’s team is going to contact each of our eligible patients and ask them if they would like to participate in the Chronic Care Management program. When enrolled in this program our patients will receive a monthly call from the ChartSpan team, have 24/7 access to medical personnel, get help with setting appointments, receive a customized care plan, and much more.


This program is free to Medicare patients and is meant to help them manage their conditions to live a better, healthier life.


ChartSpan will begin calling patients on March 7th.  If you have received a call from ChartSpan and are concerned if it could be linked to recent fraud, please be assured that this is a legitimate program.


If you would like the information directly from MCHD staff, you may contact us at our main line of (806) 935-7171 and ask for the Director of Integrated Care.



Attention Medicare Patients.


Ask your provider if you qualify for our new chronic care management program with Chart Span.


You can access a 24/7 care team of medical professionals, get help scheduling your appointments, manage and refill your prescriptions, and organize your health records in one place.


For more information, visit the front desk of the hospital or call 806-935-7171